Friday, July 5, 2013

The good weather is making its way back to us

Lots of happy smiles at the pilots meeting when the weatherman announced that the good weather was back. Early cloud base is forecasted around 800 m (~2500 ft) AGL, rising later in the day to near 1300 m (4400 ft). The 15m Class got AST tasks for their task A and task B, and Club and Standard got AAT of 3:30 hr for task A and 3:15 hr for task B. First take-off is scheduled for 12:30 PM, but will probably be postponed on the grid to allow time for the thermals to strengthen a bit and cloud base to rise a few hundred meters.

The Team wore their lucky T-shirts today, and we take the opportunity to thank all those who have contributed and supported Sarah to come to this Women World Championship.

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