Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another good day for Sarah

This was another good day for Sarah, who tied for fifth for the day. There were two landouts just short of the field, including the French Magali. Both of the two who landed out passed the finish ring 4 Km out high enough to make speed points, but not high enough to reach the field. For the first time this morning I saw combines in the fields starting the harvesting of barley, but at this point maybe only 5% of the fields have been harvested. Hopefully everything went well for both of them.
The true winner of the day was the British Ayala Truelove, who managed quite a feat by beating her two teammates by nearly 100 points and all the competition by more than 130 points. The day saw some dropping in the scores, so now the top 6 (8 yesterday), including Sarah, have opened a 130-point gap with their followers, and are all within striking range, with only 117 points separating them. This is VERY TIGHT competition. These women pilots are the world "creme de la creme" (as the locals would say) of feminine racing, and seeing such a competition is truly fascinating and exciting. Three more days to go, and everything can still happen at the top.... Stay tuned.

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