Friday, July 12, 2013

Mid-afternoon Day 10

Of course, all the leaders played start gate roulette, waiting to be the last to leave and have the markers ahead. In this case, it meant that they all watched each other and waited until the very last minute before the 15:30 closing of the gate. Remember that at WGC, the IGC scoring is used, and on a day like today, each minute may be worth about 10 points. Sarah is 8 points behind third place, 16 behind second place and 47 points behind first.

Since I did not include any photo recently, I thought I would show you our "little sacred place," a set of trees that we found to setup the hammock and that we reserved for pilot relaxation time between pilot's meeting and grid time. After coming back from the grid, it is literally taken over by the crew to do "important" stuff like checking e-mail, facebook, calling boyfriend or girlfriends, etc., as you can see on the photo, while the Team Captain has to monitor for the pilot's start, turn in the pilot start time to the office within 30 minutes, then check on competitors start time, and monitor the radio to relay any pertinent information or answer the pilot's inquiry, etc. So, typically no chance for a little R&R in the sacred place. BUT TODAY, the crew has gone to the end of the airport access road to try and get a glimpse of the Tour de France... Guess who gets the hammock today... :-)
I better go settle in that hammock before they come back. Talk to you later after the arrivals... :-)

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