Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Small" task for Day 8

Today is the day for the "small" task: a 3:00 hr TAT for the Club Class toward the North, West, backtrack North, then due South to home. The small task today is to give them a bit of rest after the Babayaga of last night (a WWGC tradition of introduction of the new comers into the "witch society," complete with bon fire, witch costumes, and broomstick), but also in anticipation of tomorrow's likely long task in what the weatherman labeled "the best weather of the contest." The other motivation for smaller tasks today is the possibility of thunderstorms at the end of the afternoon. The wind is also very strong, about 15 kt at the ground.

The start times today spread from 13:47 PM, 2 minutes after gate opening, to 14:27 PM. Sarah left in the last group with the two German Libelle, Christine Grote and Doerte Starsinski and the Italian LS1-f, Elena Fergnani. Ayala Truelove and her British teammates, as well as two of the French, Laetitia Moreau and Sophie Burgevin, left in the first group at 13:47. The third French, Magali De Cachard left 10 minutes after her teammates, while the Czech and Poles took their start around 14:01 PM. The three groups probably won't see each other on course, so it will be interesting to see which strategy wins the day.

The Club Class has the trackers today, so you can follow them on
Enjoy, and more news after the arrivals.

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