Sunday, July 7, 2013

Great looking sky for Day 5

On the line and in great spirits for Day 5, under another Uvalde-looking sky.

Forecast was for 1600 m (~5500 ft) cloudbase, but I have already seen altitudes of 1950 m (~6500 ft) on the trackers, as well as 3 m/s climb rates, quite better than yesterday. This should be a fast day.
The Club Class has a Turn Area Task with minimum time of 4.5 hours, taking them Southeast, then Northeast, then North all the way to the edge of the Paris TCA (thanks to all the normally prohibited areas that are open for the weekend), then South toward home.
The Club Class carries the trackers today, so you should be able to follow Sarah on or go to the organizers website and select "Live Tracking" under the "Follow the Races" menu.
Sarah left last, about 10 to 20 minutes after the other gliders, but seems to be doing very good on the first leg. As I write this, she has already caught up with some who left before her.
Enjoy the tracking for the afternoon... More later if we get some news from her.

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