Sunday, June 30, 2013

They are on course on a Day 1 task of 269 Km

Weather forecast for Day 1 looked promising. All three classes were assigned AST. The Club Class in which Sarah flies has a 4-turnpoint 269 Km AST. Take off was at 12:30, and the gate for Club Class opened at 13:16. Convection was a bit slow to develop and they milled around the field for about an hour in blue thermals reaching about 2600-2700'. Cumulus started forming toward the East, where the first two turnpoints are located, and they headed on course around 14:15. The sky toward the North, where the last turnpoint is, now looks wonderful, with about 2 octas of Cu with bases around 4000'. From the reports, most are approaching the third turnpoint now and will soon turn South toward the home field, the fourth and last turn point being a steering point about 15 Km out. We are expecting them around 6:00 if all goes well during the final hour. More later after the arrivals.

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